The Succulent Tamales at a Tamalada

By Antonio Escobar

The Succulent Tamales at a Tamalada

Tamalada is a Tamale Party!

Let me tell you about the amazing and exquisite tamales,

Base on studies, the tamale existed before the tortilla creation.
Tamales are the most extraordinary and wonderful food for Mexican and Latin American cuisine, wonder why? simple, because you can combine the most extensive variety of ingredients, meaning full variety of flavors that are native from every region. Adding that it is a tradition in special and social ceremony of coexistence. This make the tamales, the most emblematic food where you gather families and friends to live and share together this beloved meal.
There is no better design food than a tamale, because it is wrapped with natural materials like corn husk or banana leaves that serves for cooking, besides wrappers are large, flexible, waterproof and decorative. Wrappers also works as a dish, it is disposable and sometimes you do not need utensil, because you can carry it directly to enjoy it.

The Tamale meteoric expansion across The United States of America are very remarkable. Thanks to the influence of the Latin America culture and gastronomy, today begins to be enjoyed between Americans and people from all over the world.
A tamalada or tamale making party is a social event, gathering family and friends together, sharing stories of their own to fill the atmosphere of rejoicing all attendees.

First love in food was tamales!

I fell in love with tamales since my childhood, full of nice memories, when watching my mom along with relatives and friends, making chicken mole tamales and sweet tamales. What a Tamalada!
The Tamalada experience is unequaled, remains a memorable footprint that endures in each person’s time. And that invites to do the next tamalada sooner.

The tamale is an irresistible meal by its texture, aroma, flavor and colorful.
The increasing demand for organic food ingredients, and the exponential rise in vegetarian and vegan products, have also produced tamales of this type, like the yummy vegan tamales. Vegetables are no longer to be consigned as a side order, they are the main course. For this brings to your plate this yummy meal.

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